Thursday, June 14, 2012

Torie & Howard: Organic Hard Candy

Torie & Howard Hard Candies came to rise after two interior designers, Howard Slatkin and Torie Burke, teamed up and decided to create a candy that, unlike others, is healthy, sweet and tastefully satisfying. Moreover, an important factor that led to the development of these delicious organic candies is Howard’s health-related event that ultimately had a great effect on both of their lives. He lost 100 pounds after he took on an interest in studying food and human biology and became tremendously knowledgeable in health and organics. Torie & Howard’s Candies finally made their first debut at the 2012 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco after years of confronting several complications. It is next to impossible for candy makers to get an organic certification, especially since artificial food coloring is a number one ingredient in most candies. After much ambition and hard work, Torie and Howard will successfully be one of the 16.5 percent of exhibitors attending next week’s Fancy Food Show that can identify their product as Certified Organic.